This blog will cover the basic core concepts of Redux and the patterns to follow when using Redux

What is Redux?

Redux is a state management JS library used for managing the global state of an application. The state describes the condition of an app at a specific point in time. Managing the state of an app is one of the hardest things to control during front end development. To facilitate this task, Redux provides a centralized store that can contain the global state of an application, allowing any component of the application to subscribe to the store to get or update data…

You might be familiar with the ES6 destructuring, but do you know all it features? Up until now, I was only familiar with ES6 destructuring syntax to extract values from objects and arrays. Here I will cover all possible ways you can use this special syntax introduced in ES6.

Destructuring assignment is syntactic sugar for neat assignment of values taken directly from an object. Below are the different ways ES6 destructuring syntax can be used:

Extract Values from an Object

consider the following object:

Before ES6, to retrieve the values of an object and assign them to a variable, we will do it as follow:

In this post I am going to share a skill I recently learned while completing a challenge. Up until now, I have never worked on a project that required me to read data from a csv file instead of a database with JavaScript. Here I am going to share one approach to do so using HTML5 and Papa parse library.

Papa parse is a JavaScript library for fast 'in-browser' CSV parsing. It is known to be very reliable and easy in parsing CSV files as it provides more advance features or options. It is supported by most modern browsers. …


As I am diving into Spark, in this post, I will be analyzing the Low Birth Weight dataset.

The csv file containing the dataset analyzed here can be found in my repo :

The following is the code for my analysis:

Logistic Regression on Low-Birth-Weight Data


Low birth weight is a significant worry among infants since it makes their bodies be more fragile, making it harder for them to eat, inhale, grow, keep up their internal heat level, or battle infections. The objective of this analysis was to assess components which sway the low birth weight in new-born…

I was recently asked what the difference was between using JWT and sessions for authentication in an interview; and I thought I will write about it to cement that knowledge.

HTTP is known to be a stateless protocol used to enable a communication or transfer of data between two or more machines, mainly the communication between the client and server side. Due to the stateless property of HTTP, it is unable to remember state of our application, like remembering if a user is currently logged in for example. Sessions and tokens are used to overcome this challenge.

Session Based Authentication

A session gives…

As I continue my learning of Data Structures, I found Java being a little similar to JavaScript based on the documentations I have read so far. So I started learning Java. Here is a summary of what I have learned so far.

What is Java?

Java is a platform independent programming language, meaning that it allows application programs to be built and run on any platform without having to be rewritten or compiled by the programmer. When first run, Java files are first compiled into Java byte code (stored in binary .class …

Welcome back to my Data Structure learning series. Today we are going to learn Linked Lists and how to implement it in JavaScript.

What are Linked Lists?

Linked Lists are simple, dynamic, lightweight, and flexible data structure. Like arrays, elements are stored sequentially in the list; however, elements are not stored in adjacent blocks of memory but rather in “nodes” or objects that are connected via memory pointers. They are useful for easy addition or removal of arbitrary data at the head and tail of a list, without re-indexing elements, preventing the worst performance case of an array.

The first element or entry point…

In this post, we will be learning the theory behind Arrays as well as how to implement them in JavaScript.

Arrays are simple and intuitive types of data structures. They represent a list of elements of any type grouped together in a central location of memory. The elements are ordered so that they can be accessed with a numerical index. This characteristic helps us to efficiently read and insert data into an array.

Arrays in JS are dynamic , meaning that they automatically adjust their size (increase or decrease) when adding or removing an element. This property guarantees a better…

Big O Time Complexity graph

Before jumping on learning different types of data structures, which are different ways to store data and making it easy to access and manipulate them, we need to understand how their efficiency is being evaluated. That is when storing a large set of data in a data structure, we need to choose a type that will allow us to efficiently retrieve, search, insert or delete an element. Efficiency of an algorithm is measured by a concept called Big O Notation .

What is Big O?

Big O Notation, one of the scariest 😱 concepts for new developers (especially with a non traditional background). As…

Data structures and algorithms is one of the most important subjects to master as a software engineer. These two topics represent the key to become a better programmer and write clean programs that not only perform well but also able to handle future changes.

As I am diving into those topics and learning the fundamentals, I will be making several posts covering my understanding of the following concepts:

Data Structures

These are the building blocks of any programs. Thus, it is important to understand how the most common data structures work, the complexity of their operations and how to implement them. …

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